About Me

Maximiliano Jabase

Hello! I'm a Software Developer from Argentina. I love building and enhancing useful things with code and powering communities around them. Feel free to check out my website for more info!

Maximiliano Jabase

My programming journey began around 2018 when I started making SourceMod plugins for my Team Fortress 2 competitive servers, in an attempt to make quality-of-life improvements for my players (and haven't stopped doing that ever since!). I became fascinated with the concepts of code versioning with Git, storing my code in GitHub and being able to share my efforts with other TF2 players that might find it useful, which sparked my love for open-source software.

Years later, I started working on perfecting my knowledge until I landed a job as a .NET Full Stack Developer, working primarily with ASP.NET Core APIs, Blazor WebAssembly, some huge Windows Forms VB.NET migrations to C#, while learning Linux, Docker and CI/CD flows in the way. I love to keep up with the latest development frameworks by keeping a side-project always by my side to poke with and keep myself updated - I'll never say no to building a cool rig, fixing some gadget or finding ways to have fun automating tasks with technology.

In my everyday life I enjoy gaming with friends, outdoor life as a Scout Educator, and getting involved in politics.